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Former Vice President of Equity Sales, Chelsea Jia, Seeks Judicial Relief for Gender Discrimination and Harassment against China Renaissance (September 13, 2018, Supreme Court of the State of New York)

In September 2018, Chelsea Jia (“Jia”), the female former Vice President of Equity Sales at China Renaissance Securities (US) Inc. (“China Renaissance”), the wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of the China Renaissance Group, sued Jonathan Dean Hong (“Hong”), Nicholas Thomas Ganz (“Ganz”), and China Renaissance (collectively “Defendants”).
Jia’s complaint alleges that she was subjected to unlawful discrimination, a hostile work environment, and retaliatory termination of employment by Defendants. Jia argues that Defendants constantly humiliated and castigated Jia as being too “aggressive” and “bitchy”, maliciously attributing her success at work to clients wanting to “sleep with her”, propagating rumors of an affair with a senior China Renaissance officer, and more. Jia claims her termination on June 18, 2018, supposedly as a result of ‘compliance’ and ‘performance’ issues, was truly a consequence of questioning Hong, the male President of China Renaissance and Ganz, the male Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel, about “why they targeted and reprimanded her when her male colleagues were engaging in similar conduct” and complaining about the discriminatory and hostile conduct towards her. Jia’s complaint is exacerbated by the assertion that “[China Renaissance] valued aggressive and entrepreneurial characteristics in its male employees, but not in its female employees, who were to remain subordinate to their male colleagues and superiors”. Jia believes Defendants’ treatment of her and her untimely termination, has “also diminished [her] earning potential and ability to obtain future employment in the industry.”
Written by Antoinette Adesanya

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